Our teams of designers are hard at work to bring you the unique, innovative designs.
Their expertise in the automotive and industrial design field assures distinctive, sophisticated, and highly functional designs for all of our spas.



Salontech's Pedicure chair combine Style, function, technology, and quality. We offer models to complement salon of all sizes at every budget. All our models are equipped with No-pipe whirlpool motors and Silver Nano tubs for a contamination-free, worry-free pedicure. Our chairs are made to order, and triple checked for quality before being shipped to our customers.


Since the launching of our company in 2001, Salontech has strived to be the leader in the Salon&Spa industry by producing innovative, quality products along with exceptional service.

We continue to improve our products to fit the ever changing needs of the industry by offering superior quality, cutting edge technology and dedicated customer service